The American Rose Society exists to promote the culture, preservation and appreciation of the Rose, and to improve its standard of excellence for all people, through education and research. Cool Roses offer the largest selection of fortuniana grafted David Austin Roses available, and a special group of Eco-Friendly roses specially selected for their ability to survive on their own roots with minimal care. They also have  many other rose varieties including Hybrid Teas, Floribundas and Climbers that bloom vigorously. The oldest and largest public botanical garden in Palm Beach County. This is where we meet. A Website that is a database of numerous roses. With numerous pictures of each rose, along with description of the rose including height, width, zones where the rose will flourish. 
 American Rose Society A resource of the American Rose Society intended to help identify and locate roses in each region of the United States.
Nelson’s Florida Roses ( ) is predominantly a wholesale vendor. However, they are sometimes open to the public for retail sales. Check the “Contact” page on their web site for details. It’s probably a good idea to call to verify the schedule with them directly before making the trip to Winter Garden, FL.

.State Flowers of the United States

My name is George- I’m a conservationist and this year I have been involved in starting and running a youth gardening club. Our garden is now looking fantastic and I’m so happy with how popular this venture has been with my young gardeners, it is great to see the positive impact it has had on the kids in terms of physical and mental health as well as building a community feeling. The articles on your growing roses advice page were such a huge help to us when we introduced roses to our garden and your links page led us to some great informative rose organizations – so I just wanted to reach out and say thanks for helping us out 🙂

Last week I tasked the kids with doing research projects on a flower/gardening topic of their choice and one of my kids, Alice, decided to research into the different state flowers and found this page . She thought it would be nice to send it to you and maybe your site users would find it interesting to have a look at it- the rose is the national flower of the USA and different roses are the state flower of several states! If you decide to add it to your page let me know, I know she would be excited to see her research has been appreciated by gardening experts.